Canon ImageRunner multifunction copier machines are programmed to show status and error codes as per the hardware occurrences such as network failures, power outages, malfunctioning etc. Most of the Canon copiers come integrated with eCopy software for managing copy jobs and connecting to a network. If you are seeing a status or error code on your Canon Copier, you can easily clear and reset it using the eCopy program. To know how to reset a Canon Copier code, follow the guidelines and Canon Customer Support Service provide below.

Steps to Reset a Canon Copier Code

1.) Turn ON your Canon Copier and tap on the Additional Functions button.

2.) After tapping on Additional Functions, press the 2 and 8 keys on your Canon Copier using the number pad. Make sure you press both the number pads simultaneously and release them quickly.

3.) Now, again press the Additional Functions button.

4.) After that, you will see the System Management appearing on the screen. Tap the Copier button after you see the System Management on screen.

5.) Next, you will need to press the Function button and then the Clear button. Then you will need to tap on the ERR Button to highlight all the status and error codes that are active currently.

6.) Once all the status and error codes get highlighted, press OK button and restart your Canon Copier to complete the status and error codes.

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So this is how you can easily reset your Canon Copier. In addition to this regular servicing and cleaning of your Copier machine will keep it free from most of the troubles. Below we have mentioned some tips to help you maintain the health of your Canon Copier.

•  Make sure to always turn off your Copier before cleaning or maintaining your machine. This will keep it safe from any sort of electrical accidents.

•  It is strongly recommended that you always use genuine products with your Copier to prolong its life and keep it free from any sort of technical or physical problems.

•  Jamming is one of the most common issues in Copier machine, so make sure that you always double check the paper loaded in the tray.

•  Cleaning your Canon Copier regularly will not extend its life but also keep it free from dirt and debris which is known to be one of the common reasons for different Copier problems.

•  Like your car, Canon Copier also requires regular servicing. So, consider servicing your Copier machine at regular interval to keep it efficient and functioning without any trouble.

Following these steps should help you resolve issues after a power outage and network failure. However, if the above steps don't help you reset your Canon Copier, it is best to hire professional assistance.

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